Calum and Calum collaborate to form ‘Crystal HarMENy by Calum’

Calum needs no real intro, but for those of you who don’t know, he is well known for his TV presenting and modelling, but more importantly in this case, his love for crystals and all things spiritual. Calum joined forces with the lads from Crystal HarMENy to bring to you this insane range of Crystal Pendants, designed and selected by the trio, these pieces bring not just healing properties to enhance your life but also gives you the edge, fashion wise!

Crystal HarMENy Lee was born in Liverpool and grew up in Leicester with a fantastic family. A husband and Dad to three amazing girls. A love of football and fitness has given him a drive to work hard every day to be successful. The passion and need to make a difference for others has seen him work with young people for twenty years with the same enthusiasm as on day 1.  Being introduced to crystals has given him a new passion which goes hand in hand with his love of fashion.   

Crystal HarMENy By Calum x